• “Pidaar” = Resilient

    A mastermind group helps its members to accelerate personal and professional growth.


    Our mastermind group is made up of women and POC working in, or breaking into, tech.


    We've already had amazing results, and look to continue our program as of Winter 2020.

    What is a Mastermind Program?

    Successful individuals throughout time have met with groups of like-minded people on a regular basis. This community is more formalized in a mastermind and accountability group. We help one another achieve common goals, and employ a tried-and-true process.

    Who has Participated?

    We've found great success and true community for folks breaking into, or advancing in, the tech industry. We've had women who started roles at Apple, Facebook, Gartner, Google, Internet Brands, and Silicon Valley Bank immediately after completing this program.

    What is the Theme?

    We'll focus on resilience as the main theme. Guest speakers will share tips and tools for improving clarity, communication, and confidence, as you launch forward on your path to getting what you want out of life!

    What Topics are Covered?

    We'll cover topics encompassing how to define success and measure it; our relationship to failure; our 'end game'; mindfulness (meditation); leveraging network, mentorship, and group / 1:1 coaching.

  • Some Testimonials

    We've had women participating in, and benefiting from, the mastermind program from Apple, Ellevest, Facebook, Internet Brands, Loot Crate, Morgan Stanley, Silicon Valley Bank and beyond.

    Ops @ Fortune 10 Company in Cupertino

    “The Mastermind was a great opportunity to grow, to meet people and to build a supporting community.

    Being a woman and new to the Bay Area, I found very useful to be part of this group of women as it allowed me to share my objectives and find the motivation and support to achieve them.

    Partnering with another woman in the group was key to encourage me and support me to achieve my goals. The weekly sessions helped the group to keep on track, get the motivation and challenge each one of us to achieve more.

    With my participation in the Mastermind group I realized how important is to have a support group that shares the ups and downs with you throughout your life.” Maria Teibão

    Vice President @ Silicon Valley Bank

    “The Mastermind program gave me a good insight into how accountability with a partner works no matter how big or small our goal is. Also, what I took away from it was the ability to create accountability partners in my personal life to accomplish different goals.”


    Sheetal Kapani

    Founder @ Geodesic Innovations

    "Lida’s Mastermind group introduced me to the power of the feminine. It’s not very frequently, that we come across a group of smart, talented and accomplished women coming together to help each other grow, learn and work towards success. The pace and the format of the sessions was very conducive to open discussions and coming out of one’s shell and ask for help in achieving personal goals.


    The accountability part of it gives a sense of responsibility towards one another and towards one’s own self. These sessions have opened up new doors, and brought clarity to my thoughts and actions, and earned me a couple of life-long friends as well.


    Kudos to you Lida for putting this together!!!"


    Miral S. Mehta, MD

    Community @ Facebook

    “I’ve found a wonderful sense of community and accountability when I’ve joined Lida’s mastermind group. Our meetings have been shaping up my entire week, boosting my productivity.


    At the time of starting the program, I was wrapping up my previous role and ending a one-year cycle of planning and producing at least 1 tech panel/event per week. To be honest, at first, it was daunting to go from such a fast pace to a transitional phase where my schedule was open and ready to be molded in any conceivable way. I was looking for my next job opportunity in the tech events operations space and I started to need a support network to keep me on track.


    The Mastermind meetings have inspired me to step back and reflect on my career path, they’ve opened me up to myriads of opportunities, and a strong circle of connections!” Alina Savu

    Realtor @ Dudum Real Estate Group

    “Lida used lots of her personal connections and knowledge to help people in the mastermind group to achieve their personal, career goals.


    I was able to meet and make connections with other inspirational women through her mastermind group.


    It also helped me think through what I really need rather than chasing after an image that I want others to see.”


    Yvonne Lee

    Senior Finance @ Loot Crate

    “I started my own startup coaching and consulting practice right after the first month and the feedback I'm getting from my clients is amazing.

    Lida’s Mastermind group was the place that I met powerful, accomplished, caring women. She did a great job creating a community of women supporting women to achieve their career goals.

    Being able to have insight on what other women like yourself go through gave me the confidence to see that I'm not alone and the feelings I'm going through are totally normal and other accomplished women experienced the same.

    This group objective is aligned with my passion for helping women in tech to achieve multiple goals in their life and career.”


    Zahra Yarahmadi

  • Imagine...

    ...You're out with a couple of colleagues or friends at your regular monthly lunch. You're all sitting around the table when one of you lets slip that she's got a problem at work with which she's struggling. What happens?


    You all start offering advice, brainstorming solutions, sharing experiences, and focusing on how to help her. Ideas just keeping popping up, and by the end of lunch, she has a potential solution in hand and a plan of action.

    That's a lot like what happens in a mastermind group meeting. The biggest difference is the structure for the conversation, and there's a facilitator to keep the meeting moving and focused.

    Group Facilitation

    Lida will facilitate the weekly group sessions online.

    1:1 Coaching

    Every member of the mastermind group will get a 1:1 coaching session with our coaches: Jen / Lida.

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    Turn chaos into clarity with a 1:1 coaching call (COVID compassion pricing)
    Turn chaos into clarity with a 1:1 coaching call (COVID compassion pricing)
    Resilience is my lifeblood (and the name of my company)!

    In the midst of this chaotic time, your personal and/or professional development may fall to the wayside.  

    I’m determined to help make this time one where you can thrive, rather than struggle, in the chaos.
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  • Joining this mastermind will improve:

    We also do social and fun activities together! :)

    Accountability + Goal Setting

    Support + Feedback

    Network + Resources

    Collaboration + Goal Attainment